Our Services

Our Engagement Model

We work with clients from the point of developing business strategies to the implementation of strategies and all points in between.

Whilst each engagement is unique and services are tailored to fit the client’s needs there are some common principles and processes. Typically engagements follow a number of stages and our involvement in each stage really depends on the requirements of the client.

We develop a number of specific work plans with each work plan having a set of deliverables with each stage being important building blocks for the overall development and execution of the plan.

We work closely with a small team of senior management from throughout the process.  Whilst the team makeup is determined by the client the team should ideally be multi-disciplinary with the members drawn from all key areas of the business.  We also undertake workshops, seminars and individual coaching to assist businesses to align behavior with the business strategy.

We are the extra senior executive that most companies need from time to time, helping our clients through difficult decisions, strategy development and execution, but at a fraction of the cost compared with an equivalent full time employee. When our job is done new processes and behaviours are embedded, your business operates more effectively and we step away.

Why Choose Advector Consulting?

We draw upon significant senior executive experience and work with your management team to develop practical effective strategies and processes that get you steaming toward your goals.

Importantly, we work with and support management teams to set clear goals, embed new processes and change old ways of thinking.

This enables them to harness and develop the potential from within every business and leads to greater success and an improved bottom line. That’s our contribution.

Our real world experience ensures you get valuable insights into how businesses can operate more effectively and strategically. We are most valuable if you are confronting or having difficulties with;

  • Developing clear, executable strategies
  • Executing strategy
  • Difficult industrial negotiations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Rapid growth
  • Improving the effectiveness of key managers
  • The Integration of new businesses and people into organisations
  • Keeping the people focused on the goals when there is chaos all around

When engaging Advector, your organisation will become more aligned with its strategy and function more effectively, with an improved bottom line and a workforce that is more engaged with the business. Advector staff have significant real world experience in delivering results over many years, adapting and reinventing businesses, creating order out of chaos and embedding new and effective management processes.