Our Team

Steven Ford, B.Com, CPA, GAICDSteven Ford
Steven has spent over 30 years driving successful companies in the logistics and industrial sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

Steven has lead teams in a diverse range of businesses that undertook significant restructures, business improvement processes, and the development and execution of growth strategies.

He is a practical, versatile and talented consultant and brings significant experience from and to executive management levels.  His key skills include his creative capacity and ability to think laterally, the ability to simplify complex issues and developing and executing successful business strategies.  Steven possesses strong communication skills, the ability to work effectively in high-pressure environments and deliver results from ’Shop Floor to Boardroom’.  His excellent people management skills and passion for developing staff have ensured on-going success for those businesses under his leadership.

Steven’s most recent position was Director – Auto, Bulk and General Division, of the publicly listed Asciano Limited,  with an annual turnover in excess of $700m, employing over 2000 people, with 40 operations across Australia and New Zealand.  As a key member of the executive management team at Asciano, he successfully lead a range of diverse business units through the demerger from Toll Holdings Limited, the creation of Asciano, the challenges of the GFC, the refinancing of Asciano and positioning of the businesses to meet the demands of increasingly competitive markets.

An experienced Company Director and graduate of the AICD, Steven has played a vital role on the boards of a number of joint venture companies, as well as trustee director for the Stevedoring Employees Retirement Fund.

Steven’s unique blend of strategic thinking and converting strategy to action, blended with strong financial discipline and broad operational experience, makes his skill, knowledge and experience a valuable asset to any business looking to succeed.

Our Collaboration Partners

Advector has access to significant resources and strong alliances with like-minded service companies delivering outstanding results across the USA and Asia Pacific regions. We work collaboratively with a network of consultants and deliver clients the experience, people and processes needed to strategically position themselves to effectively meet their challenges.

Our collaboration partners include:

ARPOS is a boutique management consulting firm specialising in providing solutions to strategic, marketing and operational challenges for companies involved in traditional and new ways of doing business.

ORCA is an Australian based company that works globally with a network of highly experienced Organisational Capability, Development and Change Management professionals to address critical Organisational Capability gaps and deliver outcomes that add value.

Reinventures specializes in creating customer-centric enterprises. More than a consultancy, Reinventures provides the training to create the proper mindset, and the tools to put that mindset to work, creating measurable customer-centric growth and reinvention – the heart of the value transformation that drives the world’s most successful businesses.